Creating intelligent bathroom, starting from saving every drop of water

When it comes to smart toilets, you may not be unfamiliar, because as early as the two-year period, many Chinese people bought Japanese smart toilet covers on behalf of others, which quickly exploded in their social circle. From then on, smart toilet covers began to enter people's lives. However, have you ever thought about what sparks will collide between "water-saving" and "intelligent"? The brand mission of Huangshi Jiajie Sanitary Ware is to focus on quality, continuously innovate, advocate for environmental protection, and continuously improve the quality of life for consumers. Huangshi Jiajie Bathroom will bring more consumers a green and environmentally friendly quality bathroom life through the water-saving China Tour activity.

The shortage of water resources has always been a global problem. China is a country with severe water scarcity, with a per capita water resource share of only about 1/4 of the world average, and there is also uneven regional and spatiotemporal distribution. Since the beginning of summer this year, continuous high temperature weather has occurred on a large scale throughout the country, and the surge in water consumption has led to calls for citizens to save water in many areas, and water conservation has once again become a topic of discussion.

As is well known, the toilet is a major water consumer in the bathroom, but it is also a necessity in people's daily lives. According to research by well-known domestic organizations, most developed countries have standards for small water tanks. However, domestic flushing devices still use high consumption water tanks and 6 liters of flushing water. However, the supercyclone water-saving toilet previously launched by Huang Shi Jiajie only needs 3.5 liters of water to flush at once, which is 40% more water-saving than the ordinary 6L toilet. It has strong and water-saving impulse, perfectly solving the problem of not balancing impulse and cleanliness.

Therefore, with the emergence of the Huangshi Jiajie 3.5L supercyclone toilet, the 3.5L era in the field of water-saving toilets in China has been ushered in, and its sales are still booming to this day. However, with the changes of the times and the continuous upgrading of Chinese consumption, a simple water-saving toilet may no longer meet the needs of modern consumption, so the intelligent dual Q was born.

Looking at the current bathroom products in the industry, the key to water-saving of the Huang Shi Jia Jie Intelligent Double Q Toilet is its adoption of a water vortex energy system, which includes three major technologies: Wenshi pressurization, water flow doubling, and diversion and pressure guidance. It is not afraid of low water pressure and power outages, and continues to ensure strong flushing efficiency. Due to its high impact, the water vortex energy system has achieved a low water tank intelligent toilet that can be flushed clean with only 4.8 liters of water. Not only that, the intelligent dual Q is also a representative of instant heating technology, without the need for a water storage tank, which means it does not have the problem of water exchange, thus achieving better water-saving effects.

Huangshi Jiajie adopts a one button knob function to combine several commonly used functions of the toilet, and comes with an inductive cover opening function. When in use, turn the knob clockwise to activate the women's washing function, and counterclockwise to activate the toilet washing function, automatically flushing the buttocks. When not in working mode, press the knob to turn on the ceramic flushing switch for self-cleaning of the toilet. This integrated design greatly simplifies the various functional buttons of the intelligent toilet, reflecting the high intelligence and emotional intelligence of the intelligent toilet in all aspects.

Faced with the current shortage of water resources, every enterprise in the industry needs to pay more attention to energy conservation and emission reduction, as well as the environment on which people rely for survival. If the "smart toilet lid" has opened up your understanding of smart bathroom, then the intelligent dual Q toilet that integrates "intelligence+water-saving" may become a new trend in this industry's products.

In 2015, the State Council officially released the "Action Plan for Water Pollution Prevention and Control", which clearly stated the need to "focus on saving and protecting water resources", including controlling the total amount of water use and improving water efficiency. At the same time, it was also proposed to build a nationwide action pattern and establish a code of conduct that "everyone is responsible for water conservation and clean water".

For this reason, Huangshi Jiajie has always regarded practicing green environmental protection as its corporate responsibility, continuously developing and upgrading bathroom water-saving technology. In order to save increasingly scarce water resources, Huang Shi Jia Jie continuously innovates and successfully develops the supercyclone to create the 3.5L era. The intelligent dual Q toilet, which has been launched to this day, continues to promote water-saving activities in China, conveying the concept of water-saving and environmental protection to more people.

In the future, water-saving China will travel from Guangdong to the whole country, starting from saving every drop of water, using intelligent technology to achieve a blue future!

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