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Ceramic products will become modern fashion for environmental protection and slimming down
According to statistical data, the total production capacity of ceramic products in China reached 5.1 billion square meters last year, using over 150 million tons of non renewable raw materials. Although China has abundant reserves of ceramic raw materials, with the development of the ceramic industry, the reserves of raw materials are becoming less and less. This makes us feel that developing environmentally friendly products is an unshirkable responsibility of enterprises and also in line with the minimalist style of the future decoration field. With the sustained development of China&#39s real estate industry, the market demand for ceramic products is still very strong, How to maximize the utilization of limited resources is a major issue related to the development of the entire industry. Therefore, Guangdong Huangshi Jiajie Bathroom has invested a large amount of financial and material resources, conducted research and development for several years, and launched new environmentally friendly and energy-saving products. This is not only an urgent requirement for building a conservation-oriented society, but also reflects the social responsibility of enterprises
Warmly celebrate the award of multiple honors for the HSJJ
Warmly celebrate the award of multiple honors for the HSJJ
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