On the importance of storage cabinets in decoration

In ordinary home decoration, the most important design is storage, and there is no one.

Some people may say, isn't 'separation' popular these years? You can tell by trying it yourself. This is very anti human, and not many people can truly practice 'separation'. If you are single, it's easier. If you start a family, it's basically impossible to execute without finding a partner with the same philosophy. Even if the other half also practices' separation and separation ', will both elderly families live together? Can a child still be required to do so after giving birth? It's almost impossible.

How can there be so many things to store at home? With children, you will know that children's belongings are not just the amount of items that one person has at home. When decorating, design sufficient storage space and you will understand.

This article mainly talks about 'whole wall cabinet'. An ordinary family with a whole wall cabinet can basically save the storage of the entire home.

What space is 01 located in?

Where is the cabinet made? It's actually easy to find the answer, on the one hand to see where there is a need, and on the other hand to see where there are conditions.

For families with a large number of shoes, you can create a whole wall shoe cabinet by entering the door. Of course, besides storing shoes, it can also be used to store other things and become a multi-functional cabinet

The TV background wall is the most likely form to create a full wall cabinet, as the living room is generally spacious and has space conditions for making large cabinets

▲ The sideboard is also good, and if necessary, it can be combined with a card holder, a wine cabinet, etc

The wall behind the sofa is also a common choice

▲ This little sister has collected a lot of Nutcracker dolls and specially made a lot of cabinets to display them

▲ This family has collected more than 1000 Mug

02 Whole wall grid cabinet

This type of cabinet is extremely popular among people, but only suitable for a small number of families. The grid is mainly for display, and usually there are a large number of items that need to be displayed before making this type of cabinet.

For example, there are many collections of books, many handmade items, many toys, many records, many cups, and so on. For families without a large collection, making this type of cabinet has few advantages besides being awkward, messy, and dusty.

For families with a lot of books, an open bookshelf is really suitable. It's not called chaos, it's called bookish, artistic, and stylish

Of course, not all books may be included, but they can also be combined with some decorations

Families with children can also cultivate their interest in reading and can be used in conjunction with toy storage boxes

A whole wall filled with a sense of life

In addition to books, it can also be used to showcase one's own collection

For high-rise apartments, this wall has a strong momentum

▲ If it is a bookcase, it is best not to make the horizontal grid too long. The books are heavy and the board may deform over time

As for the size design of the grid, it can be of a unified size, which is more like MUJI style

▲ Different sizes of grids can also be designed to accommodate different items, and they also appear more varied

▲ If there are other things besides books to be placed, it is best to have a larger grid horizontally and vertically, because the shapes of the items are various and the shape will also appear non monotonous

03 Cang Ba Lu Er

Most families do not choose the whole wall open grid cabinet above because there are not many items to display, and most items are not suitable for display. To hide them, cabinets with cabinet doors should be used.

Of course, there will also be some needs to be displayed, and in order to enrich the facade, families can generally design cabinets according to the approximate proportion of 'Cang Ba Lu Er'.


White to the top cabinet door+black vertical grid, beautiful and elegant

▲ White cabinet door+wooden grid, with the grid at the bottom, suitable for children's rooms

▲ White cabinet door with a space between the TV and set-top box

▲ White handleless cabinet door, paired with dark plaid, perfect for placing a TV

▲ Upper and lower white cabinet doors, middle horizontal bookcase

▲ The living room TV wall and dining room sideboard are all designed with a full wall cabinet body

▲ Grey cabinet door paired with black plaid

▲ Modern style prefers asymmetrical designs

▲ A clear combination of black and white

04 Other

The entire wall cabinet can also be designed to meet other needs, and not all cabinets need to be made. Decoration is something that everyone is different from.

▲ One cabinet door leaves piano space

▲ A small door has been set aside for the children's secret base

▲ The entire wall cabinet contains' Murphy Door 'inside

▲ Corner cabinet body

▲ Moving the door kills two birds with one stone

▲ American and Chinese styles are suitable for symmetrical styling

▲ Modern style suitable for black and white matching, suitable for asymmetry

It is best not to leave the top of the cabinet empty, otherwise dust will accumulate over time

▲ If you are afraid of dust accumulation in the grid, you can make cabinet doors, or they can be with glass

The towering cabinet door may increase the risk of deformation. If it is possible to avoid making it too high, try to design it in layers as much as possible

Do you make too many cabinets at home?

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